Vanessa Koenig, born and raised in Zürich, l studied law at University of Zurich. In 2017 l absolved my Yoga Teacher Training with Esteban Salazar and deepend my knowledge about Essential Oils with Erin Elizabeth Labadie (Subtile Aromatherapy).

I’ve always admidred cultures that use the wisdom of plants and the medicines they offer not only to cure diseases but also in their rituals and procedures. As soon as l realized that these Oils reconnect me to nature and this ancient knowledge I’ve got hooked. Soon l understood that you don’t have to be a certified aromatherapist to use the oils. In addition to the support of the oil-community in Elenas team I’ve noticed that also my own intuition on which Oil to use when and how provides me great guidance.

Currently l am working in an NGO hat provides free legal advice to refugees. A steady self care practice is hence crucial for me to cope with my often challenging and overwhelming work, stress and the need to set boundaries. My yoga practice, meditation and my essential oils help me to take good care of myself so l can support others.